Hypr Growth Ecosystem Fund

On this page, we explain what the Hypr Growth Ecosystem Fund is, who it's for, how to qualify, and how the Hypr Team can help dapps grow on Hypr Network.

What is the Hypr Growth Ecosystem Fund?

At our token generation event, we set aside 30,000,000 HYPR tokens in a multisig wallet. These funds are to be used for the sole purpose of growing builders, partners, and retroactively rewarding users who are part of Hypr Network’s growth.

I'm a builder. How do I qualify for the Hypr Builder Growth Fund?

It’s simple. Deploy an app on Hypr. Focus on growth: volume, transactions, users, and be customer-first.

We have partnered with the pre-eminent brand when it comes to dapp marketplaces. This partner will be tracking the smart contracts of every dapp that deploys on Hypr Network. We will have a process by which the dapp developer will be able to submit their smart contracts to the partner.

Throught this same partner, the dapp can be promoted on the #1 dapp marketplace, bringing awareness and users.

Note: as of this writing (Oct 30, 2023) we have not yet announced our marketplace and metrics partner. This partner will help us track volume, transactions, users, etc. The details are TBD but rest assured, that we want to reward builders and we will make sure that the metrics are balanced, fair, and not easily manipulated by builders and their users.

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