This page contains every single FAQ you could ever think of about the tokenomics of the Hypr Network.

What is the address of HYPR token?
What are the tokenomics of HYPR?

The HYPR token has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens, allocated in the following ways:

  • 70,000,000 (70%) was allocated to the uniswap v2 pool in a fair launch manner, which means that the team had access to buy the tokens at the same time and price as the general public. The team had no information or time advantage.

  • 30,000,000 (30%) was set aside to be used for retroactive rewards for developers and users and partners that deploy their app on Hypr Network. 0x1a297afb9373355bb9492e469ca0a531fda87364. The details of the retroactive airdrop is still TBD.

Our goal is to create a network that is owned by its community members, but balanced in a way to also reward developers and users of applications that deploy on Hypr Network. Our goal is sustainable growth as a network and the 30% in a multisig wallet will allow Hypr to grow responsibly.

What is the address of the Uniswap v2 Pool?
Is Uniswap Liquidity locked? Tell me more.

The Hypr team plans on locking the uniswap v2 LP tokens. In terms of timing, we do not have an ETA on that but, rest assured, we plan on locking liquidity within 7 days of creating the uniswap v2 pool.

We are working with Floki team, the creator of Flokifi, the well-known and respected locker for liquidity.

We will share more information as this becomes more relevant.

How does Staking Rewards work?
How much staking reward will I get?
What is my staking reward composed of?
  • As of this writing (Oct 30, 2023), staking reward is comprised primarily of sale taxes. This means for every sell of $HYPR tokens, the transaction is taxed 5%, broken out in the following ways:

    • 1% goes back to the Uniswap v2 liquidity pool or CEX.

    • 2% goes toward staking rewards.

    • 2% goes toward operating expenses such as marketing and business development.

What are the benefits of holding HYPR?
  • You can qualify for the monthly staking rewards.

  • Eventually, holding $HYPR Tokens will allow you to participate in governance decisions and vote on proposals. Hypr Network is community-owned, which means you get a voice in which the direction the protocol should go.

How do I claim my rewards?

Easy. Simply go to claim dashboard (launching soon). Connect your wallet. Hit claim, pay gas, you're done.

How do I qualify for rewards?
When can I claim my rewards?

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